Who I am?

My name is Leticia, I am a student, designer, artist and crafter. I appreciate craftsmanship and how this enhances the art of thinking with hands.



Merging her past knowledge in industrial design and visual arts with her current studies in craft and fashion, Leticia Jorge is creating a new level of perspective in her products.

After one year in the role of being an exchange student from Brazil, experiencing textiles and finding a new love for knitting on the machine, she presents her first ready-to-wear mini collection, showcasing skills in pattern development, garment construction, finishing techniques and texture experimentation.

Leticia is learning how to connect several fields of interest, exploring the discourse between the Design versus Craft point of view, and gaining further understanding in their particularities.

As an emerging designer, crafter and artist she is dealing with her day-by-day discoveries, exploring each possibility, going from conceptual to commercial, but always maintaining the passion of doing what she loves:  working with her hands.



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