What I do?

I am a student who is taking Industrial Design and Visual Arts. I always wanted to discover my real passion between those areas, so I am participating of an exchange scholarship in Canada, studying at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, exploring the Fine Craft and how handmade processes can bring new knowledges towards my career.

I am pursuing:

A textile career. Looking to study and learn more things in this media, working with knitting, dyeing, sewing, garment and accessories construction.

I am studying:

Product Design Student at IF-SC – Federal Institute of Santa Catarina

Visual Arts Student at UDESC – University of the State of Santa Catarina

Exchange Student trough Science Without Borders Scholarship at NBCCD – New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

I participated:

Collective exhibitions with intermedia works including, videos, photos, ceramics, virtual and physical models.

Academic research projects involving urban design and design, ceramic and experience.

I have experience with:

Handmade techniques like knitting, weaving, ceramics, binding, dyeing and 3D construction.

Also skills with design softwares like SolidWorks, Illustrator and Photoshop.


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