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Handmade Goods – Kid Icarus

Continuing the “Toronto Inspirations” session, I found this great store at Augusta Av. called Kid Icarus.

I thought it was just another pretty store with cards and scrapbook stuff, but they actually produce their cards inside the store, having the printing process right there! It’s so great, because in that way you really know that is handmade and produced right there.

They have a line of everyday greeting and holiday cards, writing paper, wrapping paper,and gift boxes. All products are all hand screen printed, designed and collated by them. Isn’t it amazing and inspiring?

AND the place is really neat, clean and good looking! They also have some other products from other brands that just add value to the store and complement the concept of it. Just loved!

Available @ Kid Icarus Esty Shop and 205 Augusta Av.

ki_brand il_570xN.309952691 il_570xN.278692947 il_570xN.265007861


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