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SPIRITUS – Graduate Studies Show

After 10 months studying in the Graduate Studies I’m glad to share that our group exhibition in opening TOMORROW, June 14th at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Gallery (457 Queen Street. Fredericton, NB).

The Show is composed by 8 emerging artists from different medias as Textiles/Fibres, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Jewellery and Fashion. Starting tomorrow it will run until September 12th, so you can check Alexandre Baldissera, Emily Veysey, Kara Dinkins, Kim Currie, Kristen Bishop, ME – Leticia Jorge, Melissa LeBlanc and Natalie Sappier during all summer long!

More information in the poster below, and here at the Facebook Event.


Spiritus:  “Breath, spirit, metaphysically refers to the consciousness or personality. 

Spiritus was the perfect title, not only for the show but for the artists behind it, bringing their diverse personalities and different mediums together.

As a group we strive to have a deeper meaning behind our work; to give spirit and life to each piece that we create.

As craftspeople, we need to work with our hands; it’s like breathing to us. A necessary act, a way to express ourselves creatively and open ourselves spiritually. Each of us places a higher level of importance on our work than most other aspects of our lives; the pieces that we make are an outlet of our spirituality.






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