McQueen + Carpet = Glamour

Ooooooh how I miss writting here! After weeks of hard work I finally feel more free to post again.

To be back with all I like I present nothing less than Alexander McQueen! Yeah baby, McQueen.

As I may wrote here I’m going to graduate here in Canada in the Graduate Studies Program (this weekend!) and next year in Industrial Design back in Brazil. SO, my cutest best friend Marina started a board on Pinterest about prom/graduation gowns for us to get inspired.

I have to say that my taste it’s more picky than what I expected to choose that kind of stuff. I don’t know if this is happening because I’m way more inspired for textiles and pattern after one year studying that or my taste for gowns it’s just weird.

The thing is that most of the gowns that I like are from McQueen (or Elie Saab). And I noticed some current users of the brand… Mila Kunis, Kate Hudson, Kate Middleton, Amanda Seyfried… And I just keep staring it on my screen, how beautiful they are, and how glamorous they look in these amazing women and mainly in the RED CARPET.

I love the ones with pattern and embroider details. I guess they mainly have a simple shape rich of details on the cloth and embellishment… Fitting just amazing. I believe I will pursuit for something like the tube tops and coloured pattern. But before that I will just keep dreaming with the McQueens…

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