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Sarah Illenberger – You just want her

You know, there is some people that just make me so jealous – a good jealousy… That’s the case of Sarah Illenberger, she is kinda perfect? Young, beautiful, talented and creative.

She is a german art director, prize winner, that can transform ordinary objects into amazing visual pieces. And I think this is always what caught my attention in artists, the way that they translate their point of view through media and materials.

There’s no way to not love this fruit/vegetables work but check more about her, it worth!

strange-fruits-sarah-illenberger-8 strange-fruits-sarah-illenberger-4 strange-fruits-sarah-illenberger-7

198995_529255040470539_59427131_n 302920_529254967137213_1015186159_n 428765_529255093803867_1609500787_n 935627_529255023803874_2115266684_n 941932_529254990470544_53592959_n 942407_529255070470536_1541776474_n


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