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my new – mini – business cards

I’m really excited with my new mini cards! But they are so small OMG

After last year lots of things have changed, mainly my focus, goals and aim to insert my products into the textile world and be part of it. Changes comes with different aspects so I had to translate it to my present moment  (in the middle of struggles as all “almost-graduate-students”):

1. Name/Brand

Fact – no one in Canada can spell/say my name perfectly, and I understand why it’s difficult… but I had to figure out something that people would understand better, like a word in english. So I had to reflect about me and my work…

Since I got here I was, and still, experimenting a LOT with fibers and textiles so why not use experience, exploration, experimentation? And then L’Explorations was born  (L from Leticia, ok?). I think I’ve try to explain about that at least one time in the Blog – but it’s always good to keep saying to myself and feel prepared.

I still think that is not the easiest name, but it carries the concept of what I’m actually doing… so I it’s more about sharing with the public and find a way to expose myself in a different way.

2. How to look more professional being a student?

Showing your work and what your doing, off course. Even if it’s your process, an unfinished piece, people will always have the curiosity to check out what you’re up to do. And it helps you to be more confident about which work you like the most to expose to clients and people in general. It really made me think!

So I took detail pictures of some of my work/materials/inside the process and use it as the background.

Other thing: Why “Experimental Textiles“? It’s a way to understand that I’m not a fiber artist. Textiles is something that I’m still stablishing myself into, so I can’t use a term/career that I’m not able to accomplish, right?

Also I didn’t put myself as a student but a designer AND explorer. It shows that I’m open to learn and know more but I already know how to deal things as a designer and professional person. Hope people think the same way haha

3. Where to print it?

That was/is something REALLY important, because you never want your work to feel shitty , and mainly the way that you’re going to present yourself. The last time that I’ve printed my cards I didn’t like at all… it was not well finished and I could have done better printing at home.

The good point of having an academic course only for Marketing is that people share your struggles and success, and I can say Kara‘s cards are really successful. So I asked her about her cards and she showed me

A lot of people say that VistaPrint it’s cheaper, but for the quality that my cards came I will not take the chance. I paid less then 30CAD to print 100 mini cards with different backgrounds in high quality print and paper. AND it came in a little pretty little box that I can carry with me, really practice.

I believe it was an investment not waste of money, after all people judge you by the way you present yourself SO, think twice.2013-05-14 00.35.32 2013-05-14 00.37.37 2013-05-14 00.40.45 2013-05-14 00.41.22


2 thoughts on “my new – mini – business cards

    • I’m glad you liked Allison!! Actually I’m thinking about turning them into tags and print the big ones, but not sure yet… you should totally check out, really I will be in the college tomorrow I can bring some for you to see the quality, it worth!

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