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An unique way to see felt – Vilte

Handmade felt for me was something very crafty. I didn’t had knowledge about the material before coming to Canada. I “met” this technique years ago in a design conference in Buenos Aires, where I took a quickly workshop. As I’m crazy about hands-on and new processes I’ve start to try some stuff, but only balls and nests.

On Etsy I was always delighted by dolls, masks and toys made with felt… but not wearable products.

il_570xN.428889709_tsia il_570xN.433691009_9syn

* Cat Cave it’s a tutorial available @ Felting Tutorials / Pinguin Couple available @ ScratchCraft *

It’s been hard, for me, to see handmade felt as a cloth to be used in couture or fashion because I see it as a “rustic-look” material that is used mainly in craft products, commonly nothing outstanding in this market section.

But this started to change when Kara Dinkins, my colleague in the Graduate Studies Program presented her work and developed her grad pieces, costumes/dresses made with felt and silk, hand dyeing and silk printing.

kar2 kar1

Meanwhile I’ve found Vilte, a lithuanian brand that develop amazing outfits in handmade felt. It’s delicate, subtle and exquisite.

As the About says: “Revealing the broad versatility of felt, Vilte creates air, light, sensual and sophisticated designs through nuno felting and a combination of various materials, from softest alpaca, fine Australian merino wool, hand-spun Indian silks, gauze and silk chiffon. Each one of the diaphanous and multi-textured wearable art pieces are unique and one of a kind. Natural plants and flowers form the base of the naturally dyed materials, adding another layer to the uniqueness of the work, with no two print, pattern or dyes exactly the same as another.”

Most of these pieces with eco-prints are a collaborative work with Irit Dulman – an artist who also works with felt – she developed the prints and Vilte the garments and felt design.

It gives me new perspectives of what can be made with it and opened my mind of what I was used to think. I can see clearly the power of creation with hands, material, texture and contemporary looks in this production, can you?

582104_391685667537237_326316160_n 942889_538878032817999_284097576_n 580793_522066987832437_824650540_n 558577_396023710436766_1283275247_n 542551_398448320194305_460810925_n 521387_400181516687652_286896950_n 298255_264701400235665_1922178092_n 391830_500994256606377_1923226844_n 283769_406920006013803_1129757206_n


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