Characters in clay – Mijun Lee

After a rushed end of term – and almost in the beginning of the next – I feel released and free to post again.

My friend Claudia Bär just showed me this artist Mijun Lee, based on Barcelona. She works with several medias including drawing, painting, collages and ceramics.

I couldn’t find way more information about Mijun, but as I can see she has a sense of humour and unique aesthetic. It seems that each piece as a name and a history to be told. Even with “childish” aspect, the work has a depth in expression, colour and texture.

It’s an inspiration for me when I start with work with ceramics again! I just have to thank Claudia to always show me inspiring artists, probably this week I will post more stuff that she shared with me or I’ve found on her page… I believe it’s not a steal, but an inpirational sharing haha 

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2 thoughts on “Characters in clay – Mijun Lee

  1. Quando vi essas cerâmicas lembrei imediatamente de ti e da Cynthia, que também curte colocar a mão na massa – ou seria no barro? hehehe
    Fica à vontade para publicar as coisas que eu compartilho na minha página. 😉 Acho que eu devia fazer um blog também… é tanta coisa incrível que eu encontro por aí!

    • Brigada querida, com certeza vou ter que me aproveitar dos belos artistas que vc acha, mas acho que vc devia topar o desafio de fazer um blog! Se tornou como um arquivo de inspiracoes e referencias pra mim, pq no FB os links de perdem e eu nunca mais acho :s

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