Construction Knitting Project

I NEED to share this!

I was looking for some knitting prizes and I found this winner project of the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards, made by Nikki Gabriel one of my favourite knitwear designers!!!!


According to the Award website: “Construction Knitting Patterns and recycled Wooli Yarn, are a DIY knitting package created to stimulate a new interest in knitting that is relevant to our current design culture, as opposed to the nanna-craft it is commonly associated with. By engaging recycled materials into the project and fusing contemporary graphic design imagery to communicate the structural knitting instructions, this project attempts to transform the idea of the conventional knitting pattern into a contemporary print media design collectible, and in function create an experience where pleasure and fashion are linked by awareness and responsibility.

NG_Constr3-Diagram 3.wooli_single kit_no1g

Creative and sustainable this project could be a reference for demystification of knitting for youth and the introduction of it on the “eco friendly” world. Several ways to spread the technique and promote handmade “care”.

Here some more work of Nikki:

nikkigabriel7 NG_Archive_D nikki gabriel 5 nikkigabriel12 tumblr_m6za3vQV4r1qao1ct


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