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Alien experience

This week was full and unusual, starting with monday when Reuben Stewart – other of my photographer friends – called me to do a photo shoot with my sweater! I was pretty excited to take photos of it, but didn’t imagine that will happen that soon.

Our first idea was a fairy scenario in the middle of the woods but with our resources, rushed brainstorming and Bruna’s (my lovely room mate) accessories we turn that idea into an alien experience. We did a futuristic white make-up and went to – literally – the middle of nowhere – a small canyon close to some highway here in Fredericton.

Lucky us, the light was pretty good, the rocks were amazing and there was a red couch! I have to say Bruna was a great producer and Reuben a courageous photographer, climbing the rocks and almost swimming in the swamp!

These are some of the photos, there’s a few of them that me and Reuben are still editing and probably I will post on L’Explorations Facebook page in a few days.

alien1 alien2 copy alien3 rock snow sky copy



2 thoughts on “Alien experience

  1. Love the sweater, and these pictures are so great!!! Especially the last one. Very spacey. I think Reuben is channeling David Bowie. I like the one on the red couch too.

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