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Sweater process

After 3 long weeks working hard I finally ended up my sweater project! I spend 2 weekends working, besides nights and whole days on the knitting machine. But I’m very glad with my result and I think that what’s matter in first place!

So, our assigment was to develop 25 designs for sweaters based on previous inspirations, choose one of them and actually build it. And this was/is my design:


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First we needed to build a sample sweater, to figure out mainly pattern and sizes, but also it helped to understand kind of sleeves, cuffs and how apply any details that the final sweater could carry.

I think that part was the one that I stay working most because I did 3 wearable samples – I mean wearable because they are finished, with 2 sleeves and all the seams. I was so amazed by build a garment  that I got really excited with that and started to produce…

2013-03-15 18.17.06 2013-03-15 18.19.22 2013-03-15 18.19.38

2013-03-15 20.26.41

BUT I didn’t make 3 sweater because I wanted to: the first one (above) was with wrong measurements, big neck, short body and I didn’t like the way that the straight sleeve look, it was not into my design. I couldn’t even see my idea on it because I used navy cotton yarn and it was supposed to be off white with silk nat yarn, so it wasn’t making sense for me.

So I decided to make a second one… BUT in the first I was using cotton yarn, and I bought a ball of rayon thinking they had he same tension but NO, definitely rayon and cotton are completely different in texture, weight and tension! So a tip for everybody who’s working with knitting  ALWAYS make tension swatches, it can save your design/garment.

Anyway, I added a set-in sleeve, changed the neck and applied folded ends, but AGAIN it couldn’t match my design because it was 2 times bigger than me. At least I realize that set-in was the sleeve that I wanted to use and definitely not folded ends.

Meanwhile I was sad because I was so excited at the beginning of the process but nothing was working! Then I decided: I WILL build a third one, AND I will make (at least) for me to wear! And I did a cute stripped cotton sweater with ribbin on the ends, cuff and neck.

At this time I had different details on each sweater but already knew the whole process to sew on the machine and by hand, which stitches were the best and what I was going to use. I was just confuse about the final design and materials…


The thing is that I had bought silk nat yarn that is the most expansive and perfect yarn in the world, with soft touch and metallic shiny look. I was terrify just to imagine something happening with the sweater, like wrong size, lost stitch, change the design, anything actually. I was afraid to waste all this precious yarn with my “first” sweater ’cause in a way or not I was having my first experience in garment construction.

One week before the deadline I spend some time at the store looking for different yarns and how they could look like on my design, also what material I would use to do the fringes – the most important detail of the sweater. You know, spend time at store buying yarn worth! It really helped me, besides the sampling time with all the materials hahaha.

FINALLY I opted for pure wool knitted with silk bombyx, creating this fluffy and shiny look with silk. For fringing I’ve use tussah silk and almost with alpaca fibres, intercalating then on the bottom, adding while knitting. The fleece created this wild horse look that I’m really happy with, but I didn’t find a way to not peel it of ’cause I’m using fleece, in a sense that short fibres couldn’t stay anyway.

After the material choice I was free to build my final piece!!!!!!! To see the actual construction and just a part of my process you can watch this video starring ME! working:


I can say that it was a huge experience for me, I put a lot of effort on it and I’m really glad with my result 🙂 Hope you like it too

uni sweater


7 thoughts on “Sweater process

  1. Que lindo ver todas as referências, o processo e o resultado final. Demais! Parabénssss! Esse esforço todo vale a pena!

  2. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be
    bookmarking it and checking back often!

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