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Have you ever ask yourself about the stars, galaxies and constellations? How pretty they are, how far they are, how many they are or exactly  how they are?


Well I was looking for some images just to find sky inspirations to my next felt project and I found some interesting things as:

1.  NASA search

NASA it’s the most known organization related to the space right? So why not use the beauty of the science to make things? (that’s what I want, and I will try to do) As google was not giving me the kind of images that I wanted, I entered on NASA’s website, and search for constellations… For some of them they don’t even have one pic and others have a bunch of. They are close images, or frames to report some anomaly as a supernova or a star formation. I just have to say: it worth spend some time just looking how pretty the stars are.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.28.55 PMcassiopeia mosaic



2. Planetarium

This is an application that you can see which constellations “are on your sky” today. All you have to do is mark where you are or put the coordinates and you’ll be able to see the sky as a planetarium. You can choose the background as day or night, and let the connection lines between the constellations or not. It’s a good tool also to learn the name of the stars.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.29.40 PM


See what I got from all of it:

clouds aquila 09858e428bc9a6c4df1ab8e54893029d a0b1b5b8a0655a2a08409ff50b12fc10 monoceros rose 9d6df8433768ecea4c8b7190dd728a1d



2 thoughts on “Planetarium

  1. Beautiful. Did you know NASA photos are in the public domain, so completely free to use? I was so excited when I realized that. Also I wish I had a smartphone just so I could have
    the planetarium ap.

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