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Pantone and Food

I’m a person that appreciate good food, colours and crazy ideas. Well, these are photos that put these 3 items together!

I save two different “photoshoots”, one from David Schwen – a “creative”, as he say on his about, that works with illustration, design and photography – and other from Emilie Griottes – a artistic director passionate about food and colours.

And the chocolate one I just found on the internet, but I sharing it because it was the image that inspired me to do this post hehe 🙂

pantone-food-pairings-by-david-schwen-4-2 pantone-food-pairings-by-david-schwen-2 pantone-food-pairings-by-david-schwen-5 pantone-food-pairings-by-david-schwen-9 pantone1-3 555465_432103846881941_1276344828_n



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