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Felt Hats – Trish Raine

Today I had a lecture with this great artist, Trish Raine. I really can say that she is a worker! She works full time and have time to produce these amazing hats!!!!

The first time that I saw one of these I didn’t think it was handmade felt because it was so fine and perfectly done that it looked like something pretty industrial and made in large scales, BUT NO, I was totally wrong to think this.

Trish has an unique technique called “Felt Fusion” where she uses merino wool and silk to create amazing textures and impeccable details.

I’m really happy to have met her today, it’s really inspiring to know artists and learn more about they history in journey in their careers. It feels that I will reach my goals sooner or later!


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One thought on “Felt Hats – Trish Raine

  1. These are beautiful examples of ‘felt fusion’. I love blending different textiles in the felting process to create unique pieces of material. Trish Raine’s work is incredibly though and I appreciate you sharing photos of her work.

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