Art / Fashion / Textiles

Art, Science, Fiction and Fashion – Leyre Valiente

Here is the perfect match between different areas, goals and expression.

Leyre Valiente it’s a complete artist and specific at the same time. She started in audiovisual communication program, took some different courses through her academic journey and end up with a continuing education in fashion.

Today, I can say, she is a incredible designer, using her knowledge to put things together and create amazing clothes/costumes inspired by art, science and fiction.

I’m going to put a lot of images because I’m just delighted with her concepts and inspirations!!!

6595_513899928672717_1985393435_n 392638_513899948672715_1559350021_n 417122_310076689045377_118321605_n 533970_513900048672705_55551007_n 538816_513900082006035_25161957_n 543828_513900025339374_859119519_n 134669313920_extras_albumes_0 ps12_leyrevaliente_004 ps12_leyrevaliente_017 ps12_leyrevaliente_018


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