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My products (finally!)

Today I’m VERY happy because I finally took some pictures of my products with my registered photographer Inderpal Virk.

I can’t wait to have more things to photograph because it shows how professional the presentation of a product is, and how the effort and work that I’ve put in something are actually coming out into a great photo, right?

It was kinda hard to be my own model ’cause I don’t think I’m a photogenic person, but was fun being with a friend taking my pictures and learning how I wanted/want to present the objects… I also had some Pinterest and Etsy pictures to be based on, it really helped.

As you can see I’m mainly working with textile/wearable products. I’ve made this hand dyed silk scarves that I can use in several ways, but the head bands are my favourites (I hope to use it more when the summer begins). In these head bands and the pink scarf I used Shibori technique, some of them I wrapped and others I stitched before do the dye bath (actually it’s a great idea make a post about this technique).





Also the weaved scarf is my first experience with a big loom with pedals, with a pattern, math and troubles with yarn… but I think at the end it turned pretty nice and even.IMG_0354

At last the ‘Umbrella Hat’, I named like this because my inspiration board was about beach feelings so I design it inspired by a parasol/umbrella and this is the result but when I wear it I think I look like an amish hahaha!IMG_0380 IMG_0388 IMG_0385


5 thoughts on “My products (finally!)

  1. Letícia, como te disse antes em particular e agora escancaro para o mundo: tô impressionada com as suas criações! Fico feliz em saber que você está aprendendo e produzindo muito! Parabéns, viu? 😉

  2. Lety, I really loved your creations! The head bands are my favourite indeed! When you come back I want it! 👏👍

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