Lanvin – Antique Childrenswear Drawings

I just stole this images from Trendland website that I saw on my friend’s Facebook. It is a great source for fashion and trends information… Probably I will share some interesting things that I’ve found there.

But as I was saying, my lovely friend Joana Brown, just posted the link about the drawings of Jeanne Lanvin, who, a 100 years ago started to create the first section of childrenswear… inspired in her daughter!

These illustrations are so lovely… I had to share this. You can find the post on Trendland here.

105-years-ago-lanvin-childrenswear-01-600x1032 105-years-ago-lanvin-childrenswear-03-600x670 105-years-ago-lanvin-childrenswear-07-600x787 105-years-ago-lanvin-childrenswear-08-600x376 105-years-ago-lanvin-childrenswear-09-600x780


2 thoughts on “Lanvin – Antique Childrenswear Drawings

  1. eu amei!! bem lindo mesmo, é tão francês esse tipo de ilustração..da para ver na hora a origem do ilustrador! =]

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