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Ruth Asawa – Crocheted Wire Sculptures

One day I was looking for products, objects or tridimensional usage for knit or crochet and I found this incredible artist called Ruth Asawa.

She is actually american, born in California, but her parents were japanese immigrants. She crossed several situations in her life that you can find more in her website, but mainly she stayed based on San Francisco.

Working with different kinds of media what I found most interesting was her crocheted wire sculptures… very organic forms and enormous sizes – maybe because she used to do public/street art.

The pictures don’t have good quality but you can see the beauty in her work. (The first picture is one room of her house in San Francisco)

livingroom cro_9 cro8 cro7 cro6 cro5 cro4 cro1 cro2 cro3


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