Woolmark Prize 2012

Do you know the International Woolmark Prize?

The International Woolmark Prize is a fashion design award that identifies the most important designers of the future whilst highlighting the modernity of Merino wool within their collections. The initiative crosses borders and cultures by recognising outstanding new talent from emerging and established fashion hotspots around the globe including: Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, USA.

The 2012 winner is the european Christian Wijnants.


But there are other 5 finalists from each spots that also developed collections for the Prize show. They are Dion Lee (Australia), Ban Xiao Xue (China), Pankaj & Nidhi (India), Dressedundressed (Japan) and Sophie Teallet (USA).

Here are some photos of the show, but you can check all of them here.

223567_614876128538388_189187441_n 17117_614876208538380_889038753_n 538205_615834901775844_1789793988_n 563440_615835561775778_1556062438_n 223449_615835011775833_2011805347_n 545593_615835275109140_1554285561_n 32612_615835505109117_246146545_n 536906_615835695109098_925356832_n


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