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The Queen of Knit Bombing: Magda Sayeg

So, as I can’t reblog stuff from The Jealous Curator I will show it with their reference!

They posted about Magda Sayeg, and as they told, she is “the Queen of Knit Bombing”. She is the one who started the group/movement Knitta Please, as the video says  thinking about: being a “Knit Gangsta”. 

It is a great example of street art and how relate knitting with others kind of spaces and environments.  That’s is just another amazing proposal that makes me believe how knit is coming back to youth in a innovative way, and it’s not just an “old thing” that “old ladies” do.

Actually people have to change what they think about “old ladies”, because they are the ones who keep all the knowledge and experience about certain things… What I’m saying is that: DON’T JUDGE people because they knit, ok? Check out Madga Sayeg speech about Knitta Please, and them you can actually say something… and probably will be something good!



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