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Duality by Ben Cuevas

Ben Cuevas

Opening Reception Thursday, February 7th, 7-9pm
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These photos document Duality #1: Masculine/Feminine, a knit piece that serves as a reflection of my views on gender identity. It is widely held that while the categories of male and female exist, they exist as biological and social constructs, not truths. As trans-identified people have made evident, no biological imperative dictates if a person is male or female.


Duality #1 can be seen as a visual model of how gender expression and identity function in relation to one another. Notions of an ideal male, wholly masculine, or of an ideal female, wholly feminine, are as unrealistic as the mannequins used for this piece. These ideals function as both poles and placeholders, useful and problematic. The knit patchwork unites these forms and places a more nuanced and holistic model of gender onto the rigid binary.


The warm…

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