Career Confusions

Sometimes you find yourself tied into some problem in the middle of your way, right?

Maybe you’re not, but there’s a lot of persons, like me, who are crossing trough confusions and struggles about their lives, relationships, living and… career! If you think that your career can influence all of the other things, maybe you are playing on my time.

Since I left the high school I wondered myself why we needed to choose our careers so early. We have pre determined thoughts about somethings, and it really influence our choice. For example: If my father is a dentist and all my life I saw him in his office and doing “dentist things”, maybe I will be inspired by him, maybe I will hate everything about it. Maybe I like to draw, should I take an Arts Program? A Design Program? An Architecture Program? What are my real possibilities? Do I know all of it after finish the school, with 17 years?

I don’t think so.

That’s why I believe that we NEED to choose our careers by what you really love and like to do. If you don’t know what it is, explore it, experience it and discover it! And that’s what I’m trying to do.

My parents always supported me about doing what I like, and they always gave me everything to enjoy it and discover it. I have been studying Visual Arts, and Industrial Design, and it seems that they never worked without each other. It seems like I’m too objective to be an artist and too subjective to be a designer. It make any sense?

I’ve tried the drawing, the sculpture, the video making, the academic research, the project development, the ceramics, the knitting, the weaving, the virtual modeling, the writting, the photography, the book making, the cloth making, even make big bubbles!!!!…

I’m a freak? NO, PLEASE. I’m just trying and trying.

What I have until now it’s a lot of possibilities! But it seems that the connections between these things are so much interesting to me: Where this came from? How it got there? How I start to search about ceramics and end up at fibre artists?

So maybe I will have different jobs, and change it as my interests change, and the opportunities appear. I just need to have positive thoughts and understand that this is a demand of the new generation, and I’m part of it.

I’m trying hard to discover what of all of these things could be my passion, or if I don’t know my big passion yet… So i wrote a list (that is the easiest thing for me to do) based on this article to remember myself that I’m building my path. Yes it takes time, Yes it will change along the way, Yes it is not a easy thing:

  1. Try to Identify your passion
  2. Forget the negative thoughts (like inferiority complex)
  3. Remember your interests, strengths and weaknesses (maybe do a SWOT analysis) -> What can I realistic do?
  4. Be patient
  5. Get some experience -> Yes, try different works. At least you will know what you don’t like.
  6.  Switch Careers -> Yes, you’re able to do this. Just go for it. Don’t let the mental barriers stop you! If you don’t have skills or enough knowledge about your “wished” career, search, read and learn.


Good luck for me and for everyone! Let’s do this!


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