Business Card

Next week I will participate of a Networking challenge and I needed to develop a business card.

I was pretty confused about what to report, and expose in a card, because my project and thoughts about my career are growing and “on the way”… so I don’t have solid things to show to a business person or an entrepreneur.

So I started to think about aspects of me that I could incorporate in a piece to at least connect the card with me and my personality. I remembered about my dreamer and optimistic spirit to get what I want and the sweetness and happiness that people commonly see in me.

Then I decided to use an image of the sky, because in the right moment I don’t feel that is something that I should put limits on, as terminologies about what I do or what kind of product that I am developing… I feel like I am very open to discover what the exchange is giving to me and explore it the    most.

Also my journey is very related to my dreams and prospective of doing something that I like trough experiences in my academic and non academic life. That’s why this blog call L’Explorations, and that’s why I wrote the sentence in the back of the card.


I think I will change it as the “images” and examples of what I actually DO appear. So I can say that this is the beginning…


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